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App »Nymphenburg Park«

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The app »Nymphenburg Park« is your companion to discover this historical park in Munich. This app includes historical information about 23 selected stations, audio documents, pictures and films about Nymphenburg Palace Park. All the texts in the app are also available in audio form.


Three tours are suggested. They are GPS-based, so that when the GPS is activated your location is shown by a red dot on the map. When you are approaching one of the stations you’ll hear a signal tone and can call up information about the station. You can of course also explore the palace park without following one of the tours.


A filter function appears with which the stations can be sorted into the categories of "Garden", "Monument" or "Water".  

3D view
Using the camera function, point your mobile phone round you to find out via the augmented reality feature what stations are nearby.

Games – and not just for kids
Take part in a pheasant shoot, firing from the gallery of the Amalienburg, or test your know­ledge in a training course to be­come a palace park inspector!



General information

The app is free of charge and you don’t need a mobile data connection to use it.

For loading the media data from the mobile network, we recommend a flat rate or download in an optimal environment (W-Fi, LTE), as this may incur high charges.

The smartphone app is available in German and English and can be downloaded on Google Play Store and on iTunes App Store.

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Bonus features and a look behind the scenes of the »Nymphenburg Palace Park« app

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